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The Implementation of the Human Resources Strategy

Internal job rotation

One of the key measures of the HR strategy completed at the end of 2016 was the initiation of internal job rotation. It was decided that assistants would be the first to participate in job rotation and learning about other divisions. The plan is that also senior experts will be able to participate in job rotation during 2018.

In 2017, each assistant rotated for 2-4 weeks in a job in different FCCA units. The feedback from the job rotation was primarily positive; the assistants appreciated the opportunity to see how the cases that they had worked on were progressing and to participate in unit meetings and other divisions’ information sessions. After the rotation, the assistants felt that they had a better understanding of the work of different FCCA units, thereby fulfilling one of the key objectives of job rotation, the increased understanding and appreciation of others’ work.

Henkilökierto: Tuija Marina ja Virve

Tuija Ajanti, Virve Kopra and Marina Mäkelä participated in internal job rotation at the FCCA.

Leadership coaching

A training programme for heads of units focusing on leadership skills was highlighted as a key element of the HR strategy’s action plan in 2017. Based on feedback received through different surveys, the employees felt that case work was proceeding smoothly but there were shortcomings in employee management. It was felt that there was a lack of forums and events where the FCCA’s heads of units could get to know each other in a casual setting across division boundaries, so providing such a setting was also one of the key objectives of the training.

The leadership coaching programme was planned and initiated in cooperation with HAUS Finnish Institute of Public Management Ltd. During the autumn, issues covered in the training included personal management styles, motivating oneself and others, and the role of emotions in organisations and leadership. In the first half of 2018, the training has addressed issues such as the upcoming office space change through group coaching methods. The intention is to also arrange training for research managers, focus area managers and some other managers focusing on team motivation and a coaching approach. The exact implementation method will be decided later in 2018


The FCCA’s recruitment guidelines were updated in 2017. A key aspect of all recruitment is to ensure an open and professional search and selection process that is fair and equal for all applicants. An important part of this is high-quality and well-justified nomination memorandums. Another specific goal of the guidelines was to establish clearer principles for internal recruitment. As a rule, the FCCA’s internal recruitment is based on offering all employees an equal opportunity to apply for jobs in order to expand their skills and participate in job rotation.

The FCCA’s recruitment guidelines state that personnel assessments can be used for both external and internal recruitment, especially when assessing the competencies and skills required for director and manager roles as well as demanding expert positions. The assessments also contribute to the equal treatment of applicants and reveal the personal qualities of the applicants in greater depth than interviews alone.

Training to improve work community skills

Instructions regarding inappropriate treatment and various harassment situations were completed at the FCCA in 2017. Work community training was provided for personnel on psychosocial risks and conflicts, as well as the handing of conflicts in a constructive manner that increases mutual understanding. The theme of inappropriate treatment will be expanded in the future to cover supportive behaviour at work that empowers others.

Establishing a format for the FCCA’s HR statement

The HR statement for 2017 will be published as part of the FCCA’s Yearbook, but the goal is to publish a separate, independent HR statement in 2019.