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Development of Staff Competence

Job rotation

It has also been and continues to be possible to participate in job rotation within the government entity. There are continuous opportunities for internal mobility in different types of expert positions. The aim is to find a qualified person for the receiving organisation for a temporary post from another agency or ministry and to provide the sending organisation with the opportunity to gain new competencies and support for networking. The employee’s own motivation is often increased by job rotation, and rotation also improves employees’ career prospects. Job rotation was piloted in government in 2016, with participants from administration and the Consumer Division, among others.

Exchange of officials

In the exchange of officials, a government employee works abroad for a short period within a corresponding government sector. Exchange programmes for officials support and promote the internationalisation of government employees and staff development. The FCCA provides excellent opportunities for exchange under the auspices of, for example, the general exchange programmes for officials offered by the European Commission (NEPT, Erasmus) and the programmes of the individual divisions (DGIV Comp and the CPC system). Further opportunities are provided by EIPA, OECD and country-specific programmes. The exchange of officials has been regular within the Competition Division, thanks to the traineeship opportunities offered by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Competition, but employees of the Consumer Division have also participated in exchange under the CPC system. The FCCA continues to encourage increased participation in the exchange of officials.

Distance learning

Distance learning has been popular at the FCCA. A significant portion of the Competition Division’s researchers have completed a PG Diploma in Economics for Competition Law or a PG Diploma in EU Competition Law at King’s College London. Some masters-level degrees have also been completed as distance learning in competition economics and EU competition law. A positive approach is also taken to other distance learning opportunities, and different options are actively investigated.


An internal mentoring programme was piloted at the FCCA in 2016–2017. Nine employees participated in mentoring, two of whom wanted a mentor from both the Competition and Consumer Divisions. The programme was highly praised by both the mentored employees and the mentors, and the intention is to include mentoring as a permanent element in the toolbox for staff development. Mentoring will be increasingly important in the coming years, when the FCCA acquires new staff from the Consumer Advisory Service and the Regional State Administrative Agencies.

Mentorointi: Marian ja Mika

Marian Jecu (left) was mentored by Mika Hermas.

Internal training sessions

Whenever possible, the FCCA arranges internal training that increases a sense of community and enables learning together and sharing knowledge. Some of the lectures have a thought-provoking and inspirational function, while some are arranged as programmes lasting for a day or several sessions, which allows the necessary knowledge to be disseminated among a larger group at once. Such training in 2017 included time management training, training related to the Act on the Openness of Government Activities and personal data privacy and IT training.