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Consumers’ and hotels’ views and experiences of online booking sites of hotel rooms

Based on surveys of consumers and hotels, the views of hotel booking sites were mainly positive. The consumers had differing opinions on how clearly the booking sites displayed the prices and presented the contract terms. They were also often in disagreement over the online payment security of the booking sites and the accuracy of attractive offers. Almost one third of the respondents had had different problems either in the booking stage or when they had reached the hotel.

Four-fifths of the hotels or hotel chains that responded to the survey considered booking sites either very important or important. Almost all respondents believed that booking sites increased the visibility of their hotel. On the other hand, the majority of them was of the opinion that the booking sites limited the freedom of operation of their hotels. Furthermore, they did not consider the provision being paid to booking sites to correspond with the benefits they gained from the site.

In responses given by both consumers and hotels, it came up that it was often unclear who was the responsible party in problem situations. The consumers did not know when they should seek compensation from the booking site and when from the hotel.