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Platforms and the collaborative economy

The FCCA followed the development of platforms and their impact on the functioning of the markets. The FCCA prepared a review of what kinds of competition and consumer perspectives are associated with the companies and consumers operating on platforms. The regulation of platforms was also discussed in the Ajankohtaista kilpailusta blog (in Finnish) and the Consumer Ombudsman’s newsletter.

The FCCA participated in the collaborative economy network of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, which consisted of experts from various ministries and agencies. The FCCA issued a statement (in Finnish) on the draft report on the challenges and development needs of the regulative environment of the collaborative economy. The FCCA considered it important that the collaborative economy is not over-regulated. Alternative regulation methods should be used to solve the challenges, including self-regulation. If regulative decisions are made in the future, the regulation should be sustainable general regulation based on the principles of goods and technology neutrality.

The FCCA also noted in its statement (in Finnish) on the Commission’s mid-term review of the implementation of the Digital Single Market strategy that new regulation should always be based on a compelling reason in cases where the problem cannot be solved through other means and the existing regulation is inadequate. The FCCA supported continuing dialogue with platform operators on the practices related to the notification of illegal content and its removal, but highlighted the need for transparency and adequate supervisory and corrective measures to ensure basic rights, especially freedom of speech.