Waste legislation

The FCCA’s representative participated as a permanent expert in the working group set up by the Ministry of the Environment, tasked with preparing the reform concerning the division of responsibility in municipal waste management in waste legislation and to review the coordination of the Waste Act and Act on Public Contracts. The working group published its final report (in Finnish) in February 2017.

In its statement (in Finnish) on the Government proposal on the amendment of the Waste Act, the FCCA supported restricting the statutory obligation of municipalities to arrange municipal waste management to only apply to domestic waste in accordance with the Government Programme. This would mean that municipalities could provide waste management services to parties other than households on a market-driven basis only or based on their secondary waste management obligation.

The FCCA considers the management of waste flows to be the key question for the development of the waste sector. The Authority has proposed the establishment of a marketplace as a longer-term development action. A marketplace would make it easier to assess the lack of a market related to secondary municipal waste management services and would strengthen the functioning of the waste management market, increase transparency, and improve competition in the waste sector. In time, the marketplace could develop into a centralised exchange location for all waste and secondary materials in order to implement the circular economy.

The FCCA’s initiative to establish a marketplace was developed in an extensive cooperation group assigned in 2017 and consisting of waste sector stakeholders. The initiative was also recognised as a Government legislation initiative.