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General legislation on penal administrative sanctions

The FCCA is a member of the working group (in Finnish) set up by the Ministry of Justice, which is tasked with investigating the need for general legislation on penal administrative sanctions and preparing the necessary legislation. The investigation will be carried out at the initiative of the Parliamentary Constitutional Law Committee. The preparation of the law began in June 2017, and the working group’s term of office will last until the end of August 2018. Any new legislation will also be directly connected to the FCCA’s duties.

The authority of the FCCA with regard to supervisory tasks is founded on legislation based on both national and EU norms. The norms concerning possible sanctions are recorded in different laws in Finnish and EU legislation.  In its statement (in Finnish), the FCCA saw no obstacles to enacting a general law on administrative sanctions, if preparations for such a law are decided on the basis of feedback from the commenting round. However, the FCCA emphasised the need to ensure that the relationship between any new general law and the domestic and EU-based special laws that are binding on the FCCA is clear in all respects.