Ratti.fi corrected its marketing

Ratti.fi (YMediaHouse Oy) provides a driving instruction brokering service, bringing together those who need driving instruction and those who give instruction. On its website, the company also sells a theory package intended for those completing the basic stage of the B driving licence instructed by a person who holds a driving instruction licence.

The Consumer Ombudsman discovered a number of shortcomings on the website. In addition, the Consumer Ombudsman wanted to know whether Ratti.fi merely acts as an online platform through which driving instructors and students can find each other, or whether Ratti.fi is also the consumer’s actual contracting party to whom the consumer pays the fees related to the agreement.

The Consumer Ombudsman had a meeting with Ratti.fi in March 2017. The company committed to correcting its marketing and adding information on the right of withdrawal concerning distance selling on its website. At the same time, the company was instructed on the regulations related to the reporting of prices and distance selling.