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Service Directive

The FCCA acts as the administrative contact point for the Service Directive and the national coordinator and main user of the Internal Market Information System, IMI.

The Service Directive seeks to promote companies’ opportunities to offer their services across borders to other countries and in other countries. In practice, this means increasing cooperation between licensing authorities, facilitating license procedures, and promoting electronic services.

The points of single contact in each EU country also play an important role. They can provide information on starting a business or providing temporary business services, as well as on country-specific licensing obligations and processes. The point of single contact in Finland has been the Enterprise Finland service. In 2017, the service was merged with the service in accordance with the National Service Architecture. The FCCA was involved in the reform and conveyed information to Finnish actors about the EUGO network, the framework within which the network of single points of contact and their service capacity is being developed.

The Internal Market Information System (IMI) is used in 10 other areas of legislation in addition to the Service Directive. The aim is to enable communication between licensing authorities in different countries and to increase mutual trust. The FCCA registers and provides training for new users.

The Commission monitors the implementation of the single market through tools such as a scoreboard. One of the meters used includes five indicators of the use of the IMI system. The results for Finland were above the EU average in the summer of 2017.