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Passengers' Rights

The FCCA monitored the collaborative economy phenomena related to transport and travel, transport as a service, and the entry into the market of new transport operators. The Consumer Ombudsman participated the European Commission’s public hearing on the need for passenger protection in multimodal travel chains and the Commission’s related consultation survey. The Consumer Ombudsman was also heard by the Ministry of Justice and the Parliamentary Transport and Communications Committee on the Commission's proposal for the reform of the Regulation on rail passengers’ rights and obligations.

The FCCA also participated in meetings organised by the Commission of the authority network that supervises air passengers’ rights and the authorities that supervise the Regulation on rail passengers’ rights and obligations.

In addition, the FCCA participated in the working group of the Ministry of Justice, which enforced the Directive on travel packages and assisted travel arrangement.  The new Act on Travel Service Combinations, scheduled to become effective in the summer of 2018, will introduce significant changes to consumer protection in package travel.

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