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Consumers’ skills supported through multiple channels

The FCCA developed the national customer guidance model of the consumer administration towards a seamless service entity and promoted consumers’ possibilities to handle their consumer issues independently with the support of the online Consumer Advisory Service at, Facebook-page and Complaint Assistant.

The Consumer Advisory Service was the single most popular page on the FCCA website with 219,800 visitors over the year. The Facebook page of the Consumer Advisory Service provided general advisory on consumer rights and obligations and the process for resolving disputes between a consumer and a company. The topics covered on the pages included payments, online shopping, identifying commercial communication, the significance of contracts in a digital environment and renovations. Topical consumer topics included subscription traps and scams, the removal of roaming fees and changes in the technology of terrestrial TV.

The number of “likes” of the Consumer Advisory Service Facebook page grew by 50% from the previous year. The page reached approximately 60,770 people per month. The number of page “likes” at the end of the year was about 4,000.

The Complaint Assistant helps consumers draw up written complaints to companies without personal advice. The content of the assistant service was updated by adding complaint templates for package holidays and taxi travel, for example. Developing the functionality focused on the user experience for mobile devices and improving the application publication system. The Complaint Assistant had approximately 54,260 visitors over the year. According to the feedback gathered by the FCCA, the visitors were very satisfied with the service, and over 80% thought that the service was useful for them and easy to use.

Alongside the Complaint Assistant, the FCCA also developed a Warranty Assistant for consumers and companies to help them determine when goods have a fault or defect that a company is liable for and how the defect can be compensated for.

Tips of the week on various topics were published for consumers both on the FCCA website and on YLE’s Text-TV pages. The tips provided consumers with information and instructions on topics such as telesales, basic banking services, the effect of the online shopping payment method on consumer rights, how to avoid invoices made by children for games, and the right to receive customer service from a free-of-charge service number.

The FCCA established a developer community on consumer skills to which they invited authorities, organisations and experts to provide information and services for consumers. A Facebook Group was also created for communication and sharing materials. The aim is to find and develop best practices for furthering consumer skills and to create and provide content that furthers consumer skills to consumers and advisors.

During the year, the Consumer Advisory Service was integrated into the online service.