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Consumer skills were promoted by means of consumer education

One of the FCCA’s tasks is to promote and offer consumer education. In 2017, the FCCA gave its opinion on the preparation of the documents that guide education and prepared materials to promote consumer skills in schools and educational institutions.

The aim of this influencing and development work, carried out in collaboration with the education and training sector, was the inclusion of basic skills on consumer rights in the documents that guide general education. In 2017, the FCCA followed the preparation of the guidance documents and influenced the reform of secondary vocational education with its statements. The goal was to increase and maintain teachers’ awareness of consumer issues.

The FCCA participated in education, consumer, and home economics networks, events organised by media and economics education actors as well as teachers’ professional supplementary training days. In June 2017, the FCCA, together with the Association of Home Economics Teachers, organised training days for teachers that covered current consumer themes.

The FCCA continued as a national partner in the EU-funded Consumer Classroom project by creating material for the common database and by publishing consumer-related blog articles on its platform. The FCCA was also an exhibitor at the Educa fair for the education and training sector together with the Consumer Classroom team.

An article dealing with a consumer education topic for teachers and experts was published almost on a weekly basis in the “Kuka kasv@ttaa ketä” (Who is up@bringing whom) blog (in Finnish). In 2017, the blog reached approximately 6,400 unique followers. The blog and other consumer education material were shared through the “Kuka kasv@ttaa ketä” Facebook page. At the end of 2017, the Facebook page had 600 “likes” and had reached 4,000–5,000 users a month.

Background material on digitalisation and related learning material (in Finnish) was prepared for teachers’ use. A homework database was created to support the implementation of the National Core Curriculum of basic education. To make it easier to find learning material, the website (in Finnish) was published, bringing together the material produced by the FCCA for classroom lessons.