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District heating terms were updated

The general contract terms for district heating supply (in Finnish) were updated to correspond to the amended legislation, while some contract terms were amended and their terminology modernised. The new terms will replace the previous general contract terms from 2010.

The new contract terms for district heating were prepared in a working group consisting of Finnish Energy members, and the Consumer Ombudsman commented on the terms from the consumer protection perspective. The terms are applicable when a heat vendor and customer conclude a heating contract to connect the location of use to the district heating network and supply heat to the heat supply point.

Due to changed legislation, additions made to the terms included a requirement that the heat energy meter is read at regular intervals at least four times a year, and that a balance invoice based on actual consumption is correspondingly made at least four times a year. Customers are entitled to obtain the meter readings used as the basis for invoicing free of charge for the period for which they can claim a compensation or the heat vendor can charge an additional payment.