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Consumer Issues

The FCCA’s Consumer Division takes care of the monitoring tasks of the Consumer Ombudsman. In 2017, the Consumer Ombudsman was contacted 4,625 times, of which 88 consumer rights cases were taken into further processing following the prioritisation principles.

One of the primary tasks of the Consumer Ombudsman is to negotiate in order to have a company change its operations to conform to consumer protection requirements. Focus areas of monitoring and influencing include essential services, financing services and debt collection, monitoring of marketing and contract terms, travel and transport, and electronic communications services and digitalisation.


Director of the FCCA Consumer Division, Consumer Ombudsman Päivi Hentunen, announced that she would retire on 1 January 2018. In August 2017, the Finnish Government appointed  (in Finnish) Antti Neimala (Master of Laws trained on the bench) as her successor.


KKV Neimala Antti