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Commitments given by Automatia increased competition in the payment market

In March 2017, Automatia Pankkiautomaatit Oy introduced a mobile payment system that enables real-time wire transfers between customers of different banks. Automatia is owned by Danske Bank plc, Nordea Bank AB, Finnish Branch, and OP Cooperative. In September 2016, the FCCA had expressed its initial view according to which Automatia’s payment system may result in adverse competitive effects on the market of real-time payments.

In June 2017, Automatia provided the FCCA with its commitments concerning the technical implementation and procedures of the system. Automatia committed to, among other things, providing interfaces to its systems that conform to the Pan-European standard in addition to a nationally customised standard, as well as offering all parties to the system the possibility to participate in decision-making and preparations for decision-making with respect to the common practices and technical requirements.

In addition, Automatia committed to offering its services to all operators in the field unless refusal can be proven necessary after objective assessment, as well as to keeping the payments related to the system reasonable, cost-based and non-discriminating.

The commitments eliminated any competitive problems regarding the Automatia system. The commitments also improved the possibility of other companies to gain access to the mobile payment market, thus increasing the number of options available to consumers.