Yamaha and Konekesko

In April 2017, the FCCA approved the acquisition in which Yamaha Motor Europe N.V. and Inhan Tehtaat Oy Ab – Buster Boats, a company it owns, would acquire the following business operations from Konekesko: the manufacturing outsourcing and sales of Yamarin and Yamarin Cross leisure-time boats; the sales of Finnmaster, TG-Boats and Zodiac motor boats, and the import and sales of Yamaha’s leisure machines and devices.

The FCCA decided to initiate further proceedings concerning the acquisition in January 2017. The Authority´s preliminary investigations suggested that the acquisition could have adverse impacts on competition in the market for the manufacturing and sales of leisure-time motor boats because Yamaha and Konekesko are major competitors with each other.

The FCCA carried out an econometric impact assessment in the matter, taking into account upward pressure on prices arising from the acquisition as well as balancing factors, such as cost savings to be gained through the transaction, increased efficiency of the boat and outboard motor supply chain, and entry into the sector.

The FCCA’s investigations found that the acquisition will not significantly impede effective competition, nor is it likely to appreciably increase motor boat prices. Although the competitive pressure faced by the parties decreased as a result of the acquisition, efficiency gains arising from the transaction cancelled out most of the detrimental effects on competition. The Authority concluded that there were no significant obstacles to entering the sector or to the expansion of the activities of competitors.