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International Competition Network (ICN)

The ICN is the world’s most comprehensive organisation specialising in competition law and competition policy. Its members include more than 130 competition authorities from all continents. The FCCA has representatives in all five of the ICN’s working groups (Cartels, Unilateral Conduct, Agency Effectiveness, Advocacy, Mergers). In 2017, the FCCA and one of the two competition authorities in the US, US FTC, were in charge of the ICN project to survey the use of social media by competition authorities in communications and for investigating antitrust violations.

Since 2014, the FCCA has been a member of the Presidium of the ICN Agency Effectiveness working group. The three-year mandate ended in May 2017 at the ICN Annual Conference in Porto, where the FCCA chaired one of the conference sessions. This was the third time in a row that the FCCA was invited to chair a session at the Annual Conference. The FCCA’s predecessor in competition affairs (the Finnish Competition Authority) is a founding member of the ICN.