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International Cooperation

The FCCA participated in international cooperation in the areas of competition policy and competition law. The importance of international cooperation in competition matters is described by business and industry players as follows:

”An appropriate transnational cooperation between competition authorities … can expedite the re-view of transactions, avoid the risk of differential outcomes, bring down administrative burden and costs, and shorten the length of proceedings. These objectives are particularly relevant in light of … the globalisation of business activities …”

(Statement of the Business and Industry Advisory Committee (BIAC), an international network representing businesses and industries, to the OECD in 2014)

The FCCA’s key stakeholders are the European Commission (DG Competition), the OECD Competition Committee, the Nordic competition authorities, and the International Competition Network (ICN). The FCCA participated in more than 30 international working groups with a total of 50-70 meetings a year. Many of them are conducted as teleseminars or webinars.