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Collaboration between authorities on anti-corruption operations

In 2017, the FCCA was involved in collaboration between authorities against cartels and corruption. Work in the anti-corruption cooperation network  (in Finnish) was also continued. Actions during the year included planning training and training material for public officials.

The tour of major cities begun in 2016 was continued together with the Tax Administration’s researchers on the black economy. In many large cities, the annual value of public procurement amounts to approximately one billion euros, which involves a clear risk of abuse. As a result, cartels and corruption occur repeatedly in connection with public procurement. Due to the large volume of procurement, the damages caused by abuse can be significant. The aim of the tours is to increase awareness among the cities’ procurement organisations and internal audit functions of the risks of cartels and corruption and to improve the availability of information on possible abuses from the cities. The matter was also discussed in the Ajankohtaista kilpailusta blog (in Finnish).

During the city tour, the FCCA and the Tax Administration first met with the management and responsible persons of the procurement and audit functions. Then, a more comprehensive training session was arranged for those working in procurement and internal audits. The FCCA and Tax Administration have considered the meetings to be very useful, and positive feedback on them has also been received from the cities. The intention is to continue the meetings and trainings in the future.

International studies and the FCCA’s own observations indicate that corruption may also occur in connection with cartels in the form of bribery of a public sector buyer, for example. Hence, it is useful that these phenomena and their possible connections are known by the FCCA as well as by the police organisation. Experiences were shared with the police with regard to investigation methods and tools, among others. Representatives of the FCCA participated in training on financial crime and the investigation of electronic materials (IT forensics) arranged by the police. In turn, the FCCA provided information on the Competition Act and the FCCA’s cartel supervision. The collaboration will be continued in 2018.