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Guidelines and recommendations for public sector operators

During 2017, the FCCA also drew attention to public sector procedures. The key issue was the requirement for market-based pricing. The FCCA’s guidelines (in Finnish) on market-based pricing were published in May 2017. The guidelines describe the FCCA’s pricing supervision and the related assessment of public sector entities’ economic activity in practice. They will help public entities to self-assess the competition neutrality of their economic activities.

In conjunction with the municipal data programme (in Finnish) of the regional government reform and the Ministry of Finance, there will also be changes in the monitoring and reporting of public sector activities. Public Administration Recommendations (JHS) will be updated at the same time to better fulfil the requirements for transparency and comparability. The FCCA participated in the preparation of the guidelines for cost calculation and pricing included in the recommendations and sought to ensure that the guidelines also fulfil the requirements of competition neutrality.